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a Therapy Medical Oxygen with US?

Invacare Platinum Oxygen Concentrator


The Invacare is a 5 liter oxygen concentrator that is one of the lightest, smallest and quietest units available today. The Perfecto 2 has a more compact and refined exterior that features a modern, slim design and shell with an easy to grab handle. It has a hard case and spinning wheels that make moving it from room to room carefree and effortless.

The Perfecto is quiet and only emits 39 decibels of sound, about the same as a refrigerator. It is one of the most energy efficient home concentrators, operating at an average of 280 watts on a setting of 3. There is also an alarm system that has safety warnings including those for battery power loss, low flow, Sieve-GARD monitors and more.

The Standard Concentrator is ideal for Travelers the Visit this beautyful part of the island Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic, the Invacare oxygen machine its a perfect oxygen Concentrator when sharing a room with others as it is small and quiet. It offers a 1-5 Litres Per Minutes (LPM) stationary supply of medical grade oxygen for in-room use.

Philips Respironics EverFlow Oxygen Concentrator


The EverFlo Q oxygen concentrator from Philips Respironics is a quiet and efficient solution for stationary at-home oxygen therapy. Featuring an advanced motor design, the EverFlo Q concentrator produces reliable continuous flow oxygen for 24-hour care but uses less power than typical stationary O2 concentrators. And Q means quiet, with the EverFlo Q averaging only 40 decibels of noise during operation – a 5 dB drop from its standard EverFlo sibling. Enjoy the benefits of at-home oxygen therapy without the usual drawbacks thanks to the Philips Respironics EverFlo Q.

Philips Respironics EverFlo Q Oxygen Features:

  1. Continuous flow oxygen therapy adjustable between 0.5 to 5 LPM (liters per minute).
  2. Advanced motor design produces ample oxygen in efficient manner, with less heat.
  3. Power saving efficiency requires less electricity than many stationary oxygen concentrators.
  4. Quiet operation at 40 decibels (average) – a 5 dB improvement from predecessor.
  5. Designed for at-home stationary use but compact size, 31-pound weight and built-in wheels make for easy movement from room to room
  6. User-friendly interface with simplified instrument panel for easy operation.
  7. Audible and visual alarms raise the alert when anomalies detected, like machine/system errors or problems with oxygen flow/purity.

Inogen One G3 Oxygen Concentrator


Don’t let oxygen therapy limit your lifestyle. Take your oxygen anywhere with the lightweight, compact Inogen One G3 portable oxygen concentrator from Oxygen Direct. The Inogen G3 weighs less than 5 pounds and is easily portable via its accessory shoulder satchel. And the Inogen G3 can be powered for up to 9 hours by its lithium-ion battery power pack. Get out there and take on life with a reliable oxygen therapy solution with you every step of the way thanks to the Inogen One G3 oxygen concentrator. their vacation time.

Inogen One G3 Oxygen Concentrator Features:
  1. Five flow settings (1-5) serving a wide range of oxygen patients
  2. Lightweight and compact design for easy portability
  3. FAA-approved for in-flight use
  4. Lightweight and compact design for easy portability
  5. Easy-to-read LCD screen with an intuitive user interface
  6. Lithium-ion Double Battery power pack delivers up to 9 hours of cordless therapy

AirSense™ CPAP 10 AutoSet™ with Integrated Humidifier and Heated Hose


The ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet is a premium auto-adjusting CPAP therapy machine for sleep apnea patients. Featuring advanced technology capable of detecting specific sleep states, the AirSense 10 AutoSet monitors breathing patterns and adjusts pressure settings based on real-time data. These high-tech interventions are complemented by the AirSense 10’s integrated wireless connectivity, which allows remote monitoring and adjustment by healthcare personnel. The AirSense 10’s practical design includes a built-in humidifier, quiet motor and easy-to-use LCD interface – ensuring one of the most convenient and effective CPAP therapy options available.

Advanced Automated CPAP Therapy During your vacation in Punta Cana

ResMed, one of the most trusted brands in CPAP therapy, showcases its latest technology on the AirSense 10 AutoSet. This advanced CPAP machine continuously monitors patient breathing patterns and automatically adjusts pressure to the optimal setting needed to treat specific apnea events. Available for book with Handicap travelers Company Now in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.
Accessories Available: Powered AC , Tube and General Accesories.

S9 H5i™ CPAP Heated Humidifier w/ Standard Tub


Intuitive and easy to use, the S9 automatically detects when the H5i is connected. Once you have connected your H5i you are ready to go. 

  1. The H5i with a Standard Tub opens for easy cleaning and is designed to be Used During Your Vacation In Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Book with us today.
  2. ResMed introduces its new SlimLine Tubing with the S9 series machines. Exclusive to ResMed the SlimLine Tubing is 40% lighter, 20% thinner, and takes up 35% less space. Providing more flexibility and less drag with light weight materials, the SlimLine Tubing promises to be a favorite among CPAP users. In addition to this, ResMed introduces a smart-fit cuff design that makes it easier to attach and remove the tube from your mask and machine.

By enhancing the Easy-Breath motor with axial air-flow, foam, and noise isolating materials, ResMed has created an ultra quite CPAP machine. Measured at 24 decibels (that’s no louder than normal breathing!), you or your bed partner will never be awoken by your noisy CPAP machine.   Accessories Available: Powered AC , Tube and General Accesories.

Oxygen Portable Tank

The Oxygen portable tank Independence is a Portable Oxygen Tank (POT) which come with medical grade oxygen on a demand basis (up to 6 LPM) OR continuous flow (up to 10 LPM). It can be used as both a portable and stationary source of oxygen. It is less than half the size and weight of most basic oxygen tanks making it a great option for travel.
It contains a regulator of oxygen and It provides a safe, secure & self-contained source of oxygen for travelers That love to be free during their Vacation.
Handicap Travelers DR offer these tanks for all customer that need be prepare on their vacation time.

  1. Oxygen Regulator.
  2. Nasal Cannula.

The Oxygen sport tank system has been approved by the FAA for In Flight use.

Oxigen E-Tank Portable

Oxygen Cylinder E Tank rentals come with O2 Cart, oxygen regulator, and a new nasal cannula. Compressed oxygen for medical use is stored in silvery aluminum cylinders with dome-shaped tops of green. All our rental equipment is either brand new or in a good condition, thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after every rental.

  1. Oxygen Regulator.
  2. Cart on wheels.
  3. Nasal Cannula.
  4. Car Charger.
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Renting a portable oxygen concentrator or Oxygen Tanks with Handicap Travelers DR couldn’t be easier. Please call 1-809-552-8709to arrange oxygen rental at your destination or Click here to get an online quote. Oxygen Rentals require a prescription from your doctor. Handicap Travelers DR can deliver the oxygen to your residence, Hotel & Resorts- whatever will be most convenient for you.




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