“Yaa you should if it complies with your requirements”.

Okay, I am making it simpler for you. There are two important things in the above said statement– Firstly your requirements & and thereafter the ‘electric scooter’s’ characteristics.

Electric Scooter for rent

Let us now discuss some important requirements proposed by people in general about vehicles. Firstly it comes to pocket (the cost of the vehicle) – Although the price varies between brands, it is concluded that the electric scooters are more costly than the other petrol scooters. But it should be kept in mind that these scooters have only one time investment with respect to other scooters which have to be re-fuelled very often with costly fuels which are obtained from non-renewable energy sources that are continuously depleting. (Here, the battery charging the cost of electric scooters to be considered as negligible)

Average travelling distance – Electric scooters are very good for people travelling smaller distances. However, these are not advisable to be used for longer distance as the battery life and health may get adversely affected & also re-charging stations are not easily available as petrol pumps are available for fuelled scooters.

Environment friendly – At first glance it seems to be very eco-friendly. But do you remember the saying-“All that glitters is not gold”. Analysing the complete system of electric scooters, it may be undoubtedly remarked that, the electric scooters do not produce much pollution as other vehicles. But the pollution is produced at the place generating the electric power that is required for driving the vehicle. One must also never forget that the batteries that are most commonly used are Lead batteries which cause a great deal of environmental pollution.

Maintenance – This too may vary with the model & brand of electric scooter purchased. But whenever talking about maintenance of these scooters, the life of a battery is very crucial. The battery life mainly depends on its usage, charging time/frequency, overcharging etc. Also, parts other than the battery are not readily available in general. The weight of the vehicle is also increased due to the weight of the battery & therefore to compensate this with the overall weight, some companies do make the outer frame of the electric motor with lighter material, which gets easily damaged. Resale Value is very less as compared to the cost price.

Environmental effects- The battery may get auto- discharged in rainy or winter season or even if the vehicle is not used for long. So even if not in regular use, the vehicle needs proper recharging & servicing.

Speed- The speed of the vehicle is lesser when compared to other vehicles. It becomes even lesser when travelling uphill or on a road having potholes.

After giving all these points a good thought it is definitely up to the user to select the type of scooter.

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