Whether it is for business or plain fun, there is no place more popular than the Caribbean destination of the Dominican Republic. The excellent air connectivity makes this country the easiest to access in this entire region. This second largest and most diverse Caribbean country is situated just two hours south of Miami, less than four hours from New York and eight hours from most European cities. Known for their warm and hospitable people, Dominican Republic is a destination like no other, featuring astounding nature, intriguing history, and rich culture.

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Handicap Travelers DR is the number #1 ranked weekend destination including stunning coastlines, eco-tourism, and unique culture. It also has a number of accommodation options such as beachfront Caribbean villas making the Dominican Republic a tempting destination for all kinds of visitors.

If desiring for an array of exotic food outlets, luxury resorts, high class shopping then, Puerto Plata is the final destination. It also has the legendary Robert Trent Jones golf course; Playa Dorada is an ideal place to spend quality time with families and friends. Damajagua Waterfalls is also a mind-refreshing site with twenty-seven pools and waterfalls in total. These waterfalls are also a landing place for venturesome activities involving climbing on top of the falls and frolicking in the cascading waters. Along with these, DR owns the world’s windsurfing and kiteboarding capital at Cabarete.

Apart from the adventure and site seeing variants, Dominican Republic is also home to humpback whales, marine mammals their mating rituals which involve jumping out of the water and giving out melodious calls to attract females is said to be a sight to behold. One must visit such places in order to get the actual feel of swimming with the dolphins, playing with sea lions, getting close to sharks and stingrays. In order to sense actual fear by encountering tigers and having the pleasure of watching colorful tropical birds Ocean World Adventures Park is good to go. Dreams Resort Punta cana


Apart from all the flora and fauna, Handicap Travelers DR is home to the friendliest people one can ever meet. They exude passion–in the way they speak a mile a minute, the way they dress and dance, and in the embrace of their fellow human beings, be it neighbor or visitor with their explosive energy. Visiting DR one also gets to know languages and cultures of the Canarian Spanish; their genre, merengue, and bachata. Dominican Republic gifts to all its tourists a realization that perfect things do exist.

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